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Frequently Asked Question about recycling a car, truck, or vehicle.

These FAQ’s are here to help our customers understand the process of recycling their vehicle.
( Car, Truck, Van, SUV, Farm Truck, Farm Equipment or Construction Equipment )
For any questions left unanswered, please call us at 813-741-1112.

Question: What documents will I need to provide?
Ownership/Title or proper paperwork reflecting the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Question: What if I have lost or can not find my Ownership/Title paperwork?
You can request the documents from the DMV. Here are some helpful links.

Question: What do I need to do if I am donating my proceeds to a charity.
Donating is good for the morale and the pocket book. When we pick up your vehicle, we will provide you with a receipt for the amount that we will be giving to the charity of your choice in your name. Your charity will provide you with a receipt in the way of a mailed letter. Use this as your receipt, or what the IRS calls your acknowledgment.

Question: What happens to my Ownership / Title?
You will turn over your ownership / title at the time of pickup. We will turn the ownership/title into your area’s government agency that deals with Vehicles and Transportation. The ownership/title will be taken out of your name.

Question: Can I remove anything from the car before it is disposed of?
You may remove some parts like a radio or floor mats if you desire. But remember, if you do not have any immediate use for these products, it may be in your best interests to leave them in your vehicle.

Question: How long after I request a vehicle pick up, will my vehicle be removed?
Usually 24 to 48 hours. However, you may request a certain day or time.

Question: If my car has been impounded, do I have to pay the impound fees before you tow it?
Yes, all impound fees must be paid/processed prior to us picking up your vehicle.

Question: Do I have to be there at the time of pick up?
No, customers do not need to be present at the time of pick up. However, certain items, such as keys and ownership/title are required at the time of pick up. Please be sure to make arrangements for these items prior to pick up time and date, for example, leave them with a neighbor, in the glove box, etc., if you will not be present at the time of pick up.

Question: When can I book an appointment?
When you call 813.741.1112. Our customer service representatives will ask you, what is the best date and time for the pick up of your vehicle is based on your schedule. If you need to specify an exact time and/or date, please let your representative know at the time of contact, they will be more than happy to accommodate your request.

Question: Does my vehicle need to have all four tires/wheels in order to be towed?
No, many of our affiliates are equipped with not only tow trucks, but also flat bed trucks and dollies. If your vehicle is missing a tire (s) be sure to let your affiliate know prior to pick up so they are better equipped in meeting your needs.

Question: What if the vehicle I have is not complete?
If you have a vehicle that is missing a motor or has already been stripped, we can still purchase it from you. We have scales on site on which we can weight the vehicle and them pay you by the pound.

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